H4 9003 Heavy Duty Ceramic Wiring Harness Sockets For Headlights or Fog Lights

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SKU AA1025
  • 2 pieces H4 Ceramic Heavy Duty Wiring Adapters
  • Fits H4 9003 HB2
  • Male and female connectors included
  • Pre-Wired for Plug and Play. No need to modify the stock wires at all

This page features one pair (2) brand new H4 heavy duty wiring harness with ceramic plug for headlights or fog lights.

It has easy plug and play pre-wire socket and heat resistant ceramic plug, perfect for upgrading the stock harness for heavy duty light bulbs without worry about overloading or melting issue.

Fits: H4 9003 HB2

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1 harness per package?

This listing is for 2 adapters/pieces.