2015-up Ford Mustang LED License Plate Light Assembly Installation Guide

This is a tutorial on how to install the exact fit 18-SMD xenon white LED license plate lights for the 2015-up Ford Mustang (75-147). This pair of LED license tag lamps features an 18-piece LED chipset in each assembly that makes for three times the brightness of your stock license plate lights. After a quick and direct replacement action, your Mustang's tail end will be very vibrant and be able to outshine most other muscle cars while making your license plate very visible.

Step 1: Use a flathead screwdriver to undo the clip and remove the OEM license plate lamp.

Step 2: Pull the stock license tag light from its harness.

Compared to the OEM license plate lamp, ours utilize the entire housing to provide a powerful xenon white light that makes your rear license plate clear as day.

Step 3: Plug in the 18-SMD xenon white LED license plate light. Test the LED license light unit to make sure it works properly. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other side.

You may now enjoy your Ford Mustang's brand new set of xenon white LED license plate lights. Find this and more OEM replacement LED lights today!