Headlight LED Retrofit Emitter Accent Lights General DIY Installation Guide

General DIY Guide for how to install LED Emitter Lights (35-327).

***Before continuing with this DIY (Do It Yourself) guide, please be advised that the following is a completely custom type installation done by the customer and iJDMTOY is not responsible for any type of damage or harm that can be caused by this installation to yourself or to your vehicle. This guide is meant to serve as a reference guide to how these LED emitter lights can be installed on a car***

1.) Bake and open your headlight

2.) Remove the plastic chrome housing from the headlight (for most vehicles, it should be held on by clips or screws).

3.) Since this particular customer wanted the LEDs to shine from the indentations near the bottom, they used a drill to make holes inside those indentations.

4.) The best way to connect these lights is to “daisy chain” them together by connecting all the positive and negative wires, respectively, in series with each other.

5.) Using a 12v power source such as a car battery or bench tester, light up the LED’s to test the function of the lights.

6.) Once the LEDs are confirmed to be working, re-install the lens using the same guide in the link near the top. (Painting and other modifications can be done at this point, for example; this customer painted their chrome housing black). Enjoy your new LED emitter lights!