iJDMTOY LED Daytime Running Lights Frequently Asked Questions


My car's daytime running lights are also my high beams, will your LED lights work?

Yes, we have special high beam LED DRL kits available that include the LED bulbs and necessary components to allow the LED lights to function properly as your daytime running light on high beam. You can visit our LED high beam DRL section for the correct LED DRL setup for your car.

Please keep in mind that since LED bulbs are directional lights and do not "throw" the light outwards, they will not serve a functional purpose as the high beams. You will still retain your high beam function, but the output onto the road will not be as great as the stock bulbs.


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Do I need any additional components to use the LED for the high beam daytime running lights?

For most vehicles you will need additional components such as resistors, decoders, or harnesses to have the LED lights function properly; these vehicles include (but not limited to) Honda/Acura, Toyota/Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW. Please contact us and we will assist you to find the correct setup for your vehicle.

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How do I install the high beam LED daytime running light setup?

Please visit our high beam LED DRL DIY page for the detail installation guides for the R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 DRL setups.

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Which universal fit LED daytime running lamps would fit my vehicle?

All our LED Daytime Running Lamps are universal fit items; this means that they are available in various sizes and can be installed on various vehicles depending on the space allowed on the vehicle. We highly recommend that you measure the dimensions of your application and compare it with the dimensions of our products, our LED DRL lamps state the dimensions of the product in the description.

If you need any assistance with picking out which one you should get for your vehicle, you are more than welcome to contact us and our friendly staff will assist you with picking a product out.

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How do I install the universal fit LED daytime running lamps?

The universal LED daytime running lamps are usually connected to the vehicle’s existing wiring or directly to the battery using the Auto DRL Switch. Some may come with additional wires that can be tapped to various lights on your vehicle for different functions if you have any questions regarding installing a particular product, feel free to contact us and we’ll assist you with instructions on where to tap the wires to.

Of course, you can also visit our universal fit LED DRL installation guide.

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Are the universal fit LED daytime running lights waterproof?

Yes, all our universal fit LED daytime running lights are water resistant for exterior use. However, please keep in mind that all the control modules, wirings, please keep them dry at all time.

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