Information Before Installing the OEM Fit LED DRL Daytime Running Lights for the Kia Optima

You can find this Kia Optima LED Daytime Lamps (kspeed-drl-7p) here.

Some facts you need to know about this Kia Optima OEM Style LED Daytime Running Lights

1) You will have to modify the stock bumper reinforcement crash beam in order to install this product

For the North America model Kia Optima, you have to cut out a portion of the bumper reinforcement crash beam. Please take a look at this YouTube video below and we highly recommend professional installation for this. Please relax, cutting this portion will not compromise any driving safety, because the Korea models Kia K5 and the all new 2013 Optima SX (with stock LED DRL) both have the slightly shorter crash beam design

2) How much the bumper reinforcement crash beam needs to be cut?

The best is to take off the bumper and replace the back cover that comes with LED DRL and leave the fog lights off and the LED off then put the bumper back on. Once you put the bumper back on without the fog lights and LED, you can see the reinforcement showing where the LED goes simply trace the exposing reinforcement beam and that will show u have much to cut. Once you do that take the bumper back of and have that portion cut off.

3) If there any alternative that do to this without cutting my stock crash beam?

You can purchase the original 2013 and up Kia Optima SX model crash beam so you don't have to cut yours. (click the pictures below to enlarge)

4) Are the plastic lamp bezel unpainted?

Yes, the plastic lamp bezels come with this Kia K-Speed LED Daytime Running Light Kit is unpainted, so you can paint it to either the OEM glossy black look or the matching exterior color as your Kia Optima.

Please noted, paint the bezel the last because we will not accept return for the painted bezel

5) How to wire this Kia Optima LED Daytime Running Lights?

There are three wires from the LED daytime running lights ( Red for LED DRL full power, Green for LED DRL half power, Black for negative)

Tap the Red wires to ACC switched 12V ( How to connect the ACC switched 12V wire ), Black to battery negative or ground and Green to headlight or fog lights positive.

6) For the detail K5 LED daytime running light installation, visit Kia Optima LED DRL Installation Guide.