Retrofit Audi Style Switchback LED Headlight Strip Installation Guide

How To Install Switchback LED Tubes for Headlight Retrofit

You can find this product under Audi-style Switchback LED Strip (50-055).

Step 1: You will need to partially remove the bumper so you can take out the headlamps.

Step 2: Use a heat gun to bake open the headlight. We recommend professional installation so please proceed at your own risk. You will need a flat head screwdriver, latex gloves, as well as a heat gun to proceed.

We have a detailed installation guide for how to open the headlights, you can take a look here: How to open headlight for retrofitting

Use the heat gun to keep the silicone warm because it will get dry and harden fast. Start from the corner of the headlight with the screwdriver and carefully pry open the lens from the headlight. There may be tabs located around the headlight that have to be lifted. Watch where the sealant gets onto, as it's very sticky and will transfer onto anything it comes into contact with. You can use latex gloves for this.

Remove the headlights gently and gradually. Pay attention to how the lens is attached to the housing because different cars have a varying combination of how the screws are secured on the housing.

Step 3: Mount the switchback LED strip inside the housing. You may use the mounting brackets that are included with the package to mount the LED strip inside the headlamp. If you have some extra silicone glue lying around, you can also use this as an additional means of securing the LED strip in place. Test to make sure everything works.

Step 4: Put the headlights back and tap the wires. The red wire is positive for the xenon white LED used as daytime running lights. The yellow wire is positive for the amber yellow LED used as turn signal lights. The black wire is for negative.

Tap the red wire to stock daytime running light/parking light positive or ACC from the fuse box. Tap yellow wire to stock turn signal light positive and black wire to ground/negative.

Enjoy your new switchback LED strip lights.